PastMaster brings history to life for your child through its patented watch-play-learn-relearn-and-repeat-five-times™ scenario based actioneering. The software actually gets into your child's brain and makes him TRULY believe he is living the past, and therefore remembers it. Modern computers are so powerful, that this is easy. It's like mind control, only for good!

With PastMaster you can relive famous battles and historical events:
• WATCH your son kill his first savage or give the flu to indigenous people.
• LAUGH as your daughter attends her first Roman orgy.
• SMILE as your twins learn about the twin values that shaped our great democracy - land-theft and genocide!
• CACKLE with delight as the whole family learns about history in a fun and interactive way.
• LEARN what went wrong when we screwed up, from great figures in history, then PastMaster shows you, through our patented technology, how it should have been done.
• DROP your very own atomic bomb!

EDUTAINMENT just went futuristic.
Family time was never this fun!
Get involved in your children's education by sharing in the excitement, danger, evil, lust, and brutality of world history with PastMaster.
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