HISTORY is boring, right? Learning is for squares, right?
Computers are cool, books are lame, right?

If you answered YES to these three questions,
then PastMaster is the game for you.

Learning just got fun. Instead of books, we have a ROLEPLAYING SYSTEM,
so you get to kill, lie, steal, and cheat - just like real historical figures!

• Stab your best friend in the back, just like Brutus
• Kill your pesky bother just like Cain or Abel
• Take drugs, just like Queen Victoria
• Keep slaves, just like Thomas Jefferson
• Be a hypocrite, just like every politician
• The choice is yours!

Make your parents buy you PastMaster right now - explain to them that if you don't, you will fail at school, and probably turn to drugs, prostitution, murder, or worse. Threaten your dad with telling your mom about the time your saw him touching his secretary inappropriately (modify this to suit your family situation - fitness instructor, neighbor or daughter works just as well as secretary).

Do whatever it takes, but you must play PastMaster.
School books make you sleepy just thinking about them. PastMaster--now THAT sounds like so much fun! Don't you want PastMaster? Yes, you do!
Copyright 1998 The PastMaster Educational Software Corporation. All rights reserved.